Thursday, August 22, 2013

"The Jam" Thursday

Did anyone see the moon last night? Or rather I should say, did anyone NOT see the moon last night? It was so bright it was tough to miss! It was shinning on our bedroom window and was so bright you would swear it was dawning outside, it was so crazy!

Well today is Thursday and it's great in two ways, today is my Friday at work as I'm off for my three day weekend tomorrow, woohoo! AND a week from today I will be on a flight to Disneyland for the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend!  YAY!!!!! I'm so excited, I can't wait for this weekend to begin. Well actually I can, because it is going to go so quickly, it will be insane! There is still SO much to do and to prepare for, I've gotta get my butt in gear!!!

As today is Thursday, it is also my day to share some beats with you. Today's "jam" is a few years old now and I don't really remember this being on the air waves too much, so when my sister had this on her playlist for our roadtrip last weekend, I was totally jamming out to it! I've been a fan of a few of the hits produced by this artist, so I wasn't surprised that I liked this song, but I was just totally digging it and this is a new addition to my running list.

So today's "jam" is:

The moving baseline on this song just gets me every time. I LOVE IT! I'm just digging this groove and I can't help but sing along to the chorus. It's a fun song to groove to and will be enjoying this song on my next run for sure! Take a listen and enjoy! I'll be seeing you all tomorrow, so stay tuned for another post coming your way! Have a great Thursday!!


  1. I feel the same way about next weekend -excited but not excited - but for slightly different reasons than you. I have a group of friends getting together to do it. For several it's their first half marathon. One of the girls who signed up backed out of the run but is still coming to CA for the weekend. There's been some tension in email conversations between her and someone else over her decision not to run...aye carumba! I just hope there isn't any drama. The run itself should be fun, though. Good luck!

    1. Oh no...tension on a girls weekend is no good. I hope that once everyone gets to the hotel and spends time in the parks, the mood will change. That's the one thing I love about Disney, is the mood changing effect it has on people. It's awesome.

      Good luck to you next weekend and hope to bump into you!

  2. No moon here last night :( lots of thunderstorms and rain instead... yay Florida summers, lol!