Wednesday, August 21, 2013

End of Week 16 Double Dare Training

It's Wednesday and there are officially 7 more days until I leave for Disneyland!!!  WOOHOO!!!  The race is next weekend...yes, I didn't stutter...NEXT weekend! It's so crazy knowing that this race weekend, something that I have been looking forward to since I signed up for it in December, is just around the corner! This time next week I will be putting the final touches on my packing and triple checking my list to make sure I didn't forget a thing!

Looking at these lovelies makes me giddy, knowing that in just a few days all of these could be mine. SO. EXCITED!

Yes...I did say ALL of these medals. I am one of the crazies doing ALL the races that weekend. Not just the Dumbo Double Dare, but throwing the 5K on top of it too. I've dubbed it Tramp's Triple Dog Dare, three races equaling almost two half marathons in back-to-back days. Yeah...I triple dog dare you to do it! Needless to say I'm going to need some compression socks and foam rolling like whoa those two days!!!
All this talk about the race and we haven't even gotten to my training for last week.  Well let's get to it then!
The schedule was the following:
Tuesday: 30 minute run
Thursday: 30 minute run
Saturday: Walk 5 miles
Sunday: Run 14 miles
Okay...let's cut to the chase, considering I've been doing so well at keeping up with my training.  None of the above happened. 
Nope. Not one day of running occurred that entire week.
Tuesday was a disaster, totally fell apart and I couldn't get a run in to save my life.
Thursday I had overslept and didn't have time to get my running gear together so I didn't run that morning. I did go on a 4 mile walk with the hubby that night and had a great time getting some exercise together.
Saturday and Sunday I was driving to/from and around Eastern Washington visiting my grandparents and my dad. There just wasn't any time and the neighborhood we were staying in was sketchy and I would have been running to dodge things possibly, not for training.
So, yes, I'm not proud of this week of training, but sometimes life just takes over and you can't let it get you down. You have to dust yourself off and just get right back to training. This next week I have a race coming up on Saturday, so that should be fun to get a race in just before the big race weekend at the end of the month. It's time to taper, everyone! Hope you're getting your runs in and getting ready for one hell of a weekend coming up very, VERY soon!

Now it's your turn: Have you had weeks where your training went by the wayside? How did you get back into the swing of training?


  1. All 4 medals could be yours? More like WILL be yours! My training has fallen by the wayside in favor of sleeping in- sometimes you just need it! The single digit countdown should spark some inspiration again. :)

    1. I never want to presume that I will get things when I plan for something as gradiouse as this race weekend. I will take one race at a time and hope that I get all the pictures I want and have fun with all my friends!

      Sometimes the sleep just wins. I'm so very aware of that conundrum.

      Single digit day countdown! Can't wait!!!

  2. What race? I'm running Seattle 10k at Gas Works Park on Saturday. Maybe I will see you.

    1. Me too!!! I'm running the Seattle 10K as well! Should be a fun race, my first time doing this race. I'm not going to push too hard, but it is a who knows! Hope to see you there!

  3. Life happens. Family is important. I think you'll be fine. You're going to have all those medals around your neck. You'll be at Disney so it's all going to be worth it! How many days will you be there? Are you going to be able to enjoy the parks at all?
    My training has suffered since I moved to South Florida. It's too damn hot to get my running in and I hate running on tread mills. I've started getting up early to go and might go for a run tonight to see how it goes.

    1. Thanks Heather! It's 8 days until I'm in DL. I will have time at the parks and I'm really looking forward to it. Being back at Disney always makes me happy.

      The weather in South Florida is brutal, I don't know how people train in it. Kudos to you for getting out there and getting the mileage done!