Thursday, May 23, 2013

"The Jam" Thursday - What is blowing up my iPod

It's Thursday and eerily quiet at every place I've been today. The roads were pretty empty during my commute. The Starbucks I go to which usually has a stream of people going in and out of, only had a couple of patrons. My office building is like a ghost town! Hardly anyone around and all the offices are dark. I'm sitting here wondering..."where is everyone? Is there an event I'm missing?"

Then it dawns on me, Memorial Day is on Monday. ::slapping palm on forehead::

I'm guessing everyone is getting a jump start on their holiday weekend. Though don't know what people are going to do in this area, there is NO SUNSHINE on the weather outlook for at least another week. It won't even be sunny on the coast! Sand and rain, woot woot! So I hope everyone is going somewhere that is warm and sunny! As for me, I will be having a stay-cation. Just enjoying time at home and maybe catching up on some much needed sleep. :)

With today being Thursday it is time to throw down a "jam", a song that gets my legs pumping and my booty bumping. Today is a bit of a Throwback Thursday "jam", I can't help but love this artist. I have watched her grow and develop as a musical artist and I buy all of her records. I'm not ashamed to say I knew her before she got big and still support her to this day.  She got her break on the MMC (that's Mickey Mouse Club for all you that didn't have the Disney channel when you were a pre-teen) and I've followed her tumultuous career since. I have quite a few of her songs on my running playlist, so you'll see more of her songs pop up in my "jam" listings. So without further ado, I present todays "jam":

I can't help myself, I love this song. She's also super sexy in this video, she definitely had the it factor from the very beginning. This song is always a go-to on my run. The beat is good and uptempo and keeps my brain occupied while I'm running. I will also start singing along as I'm running. Don't judge, you know you sing-a-long to Britney's songs too. This song totally brings me back to the time when this was released. I was just out of college and trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. Now it is almost 10 years (yes, this was released in 2004) since the release of this song and I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. Anyone else having that problem? Regardless, I hope you enjoy the song and may it take you for a jog down memory lane.
Now it's your turn: Do you have any fun plans for this holiday weekend? Do you traditionally go to a certain place with family or is it different every year? Are you a closet Britney Spears fan?


  1. Plans for this weekend include: getting some sun (it is finally going to be sunny here!), relaxing, getting some biking in and running a 10k on Monday!
    I have this song on my running playlist! Lol! It does get my body moving!
    Happy weekend! (although, I have one more day this week!)

    1. I'm so jealous you have sunshine! It's in the 50's and raining, boo! Good luck on your 10K! Do you have a finish time in mind?

    2. It has been raining for 2 weeks, so the sun is a very welcome sight!! It is not really warm here (60's) but way better than the cold, cold rain! I will try to send some sunshine your way!! As for my 10k, I am hoping to come in under 1 hour 10 minutes. My knee has really been bothering me, so I have to take it easy....and I am not fast to begin with! This is a course I have run the last 2 years, and it is HARD!! There are lots of hills and the last 2 miles are all hills!! Realistically, I should just hope I survive!! Enjoy your weekend!!

  2. I'm starting to think you have stolen my phone and copied all the songs I have on my running playlist! ;) Love Toxic, it's actually the only Brittany song I have right now.

    WORK for my weekend! Since I'm a petsitter, you can just figure that ANY week/weekend that is a holiday or busy for other people vacationing means that I'm working b/c they leave and I care for their furry kids! I noticed more people on the road last night when coming home from taking Rey. Have a nice stacation!

    1. That is too funny, Karen! I love me some Britney on my runs!

      Working, working, working! But at least you have the CUTEST clients! Do you ever take the dogs on a run with you?

  3. I'm on vacation next week! The hubby and I are taking a few days to stay on a vineyard to celebrate his bday and just get some R&R. I'm definitely a Britney fan! :)