Thursday, April 18, 2013

"The Jam" Thursday - What is blowing up my iPod

Oh Thursday...we meet again.  I'm supposed to have a three day weekend this week, but with the craziness that is happening at work, I had to switch my long weekend to next week.  Long week for me unfortunately, so you know what helps?  MUSIC!

Today's "jam" is something I've heard just recently on my Songza lists.  OH!  Songza!!! I've gotta tell you about this app!  It's like Pandora in that it's a radio station, but it's different because it's a set song list that has no commercials.  It keeps playing even if you leave it alone for hours (doesn't pause the music and ask if you are still listening) and just has a fantastic mix of music.  You've gotta download it and take a listen, I've been HOOKED!

So today's "jam" is an upbeat, spirit lifting, Pop song that talks about not letting others get them down and below is a snippet of the chorus,

"Don't let what they say keep you up at night,
And they can't detain you
'Cause wings are made to fly
And we don't let nobody bring us down
No matter what you say it won't hurt me
Don't matter if I fall from the sky
These wings are made to fly"

I present:


With all that has happened this week, this song has helped me to keep upbeat and light knowing that whatever happens in our lives, we do have wings to fly and that our attitude and outlook depends so much on what we allow.  We can let others influence our direction and attitude towards life in negative ways, or we can choose to not listen to the negativity and live in a positive, uplifting way.  Yes, the song is from a girl band and yes it is a pop song.  But sometimes in life, you need a little pop to lift you up and when it has a positive message, I say all the better.

This one is going on my iPod list, its got a good beat and I can tell already this will be a fun one for my runs.  Listen and enjoy.  Happy Thursday!


  1. What a fun song! I will have to add this to my running mix too. :)

    1. It's totally a fun song. My music tastes tend to run a bit pop-y, so I really enjoy this one. Glad you like it!