Thursday, April 17, 2014

Training mantra: Back in the saddle again

So this week has been an eventful one for me in the area of running. On Monday I posted about my first run back since baby and all the feelings I was experiencing during that first run. Then yesterday I had my second run of the week (gasp! I know, right!?! Two runs in one week!) and had very different feelings about that run as well. Then on top of all of that, yesterday was early registration day for the WDW Marathon weekend and for the first time I will be participating in this epic weekend of running and camaraderie! So much to talk about, let's get started!

Monday was my first run back and I was feeling so many emotions about being out running that I was just letting myself soak everything in.

It was so beautiful out that morning! The sun was shining and the air was cool and crisp, it was a perfect morning for a run.

Now for the dirty details. This wasn't a banner run and I wasn't expecting it to be. I knew this was my first run back and I needed to take it slow and steady and just feel the groove again. That first mile sucked, I'm not gonna lie. I was slogging through it and thinking to myself "damn, do I really want to start doing this again? Is this what I really want to do?" Then after that first mile ticked off, I started feeling better. My stride was more relaxed and I just started to feel a groove. I suddenly thought to myself "hey, this feels good maybe I'll go for a longer run than 30 minutes!"

But I didn't.  Well okay, I went over by what? I am glad that I didn't allow myself to go longer than that, I really just needed to shake the dust off and not be overzealous by trying to throw down 4 miles on my first run back. I knew that I needed to build up my endurance and my miles and blazing a trail the first day out was only going to burn me out. So with two walks (warm up and cool down) and my run I had this time. Again, not my best but it felt damn good.

Until the next morning.

Holy stiff and aching quads!!! It's Thursday and they are STILL stiff and sore! I guess it is par for the course, these muscles haven't been used like this in a long while. I would be surprised if I didn't have lingering aches and stiffness in general for the weeks to come as I transition back into training.

So my next run was Wednesday! I decided to take a lunch time run from work and shake out some of the stress from registering earlier that morning. Now that I'm back into running and I actually have to train for upcoming races (yes, I have a half marathon in June and the Dumbo Double Dare in August!) I need to get more consistent with my running. Since I now have a little one to think about and do a lot more commuting for (childcare), I don't have time before or after work during the week to make my training runs. Therefore lunch time will be my only time to get my runs in during the week. It's not bad, I've done it before and to be honest, it helps to break up the day and de-stress!

Now for the nitty-gritty. This run SUCKED! I got out and ran in the rain. No big deal. I live in Seattle, if you can't run in the rain you're kinda screwed. But that was the least of my worries with this run. My mechanics were all off. I couldn't get my stride, my breathing was labored, I felt like I was running in sand my feet and legs were so heavy and all I could do was stare at my watch and count the minutes until the run was over. 

I took this run hard. Really hard. I was not happy at all with how it went. It really made me question about whether I should be doing this at all. I am supposed to run a half marathon in 9 weeks and I'm struggling through a 2 mile run! What the hell am I doing!?! 

Doubt didn't creep in at that moment, it threw open the door, climbed onto my shoulders and vomited all over me. I was covered in doubt and felt heavy and trapped under the weight of it. I just kept telling myself that I need to give myself a break, this is my second run after a 5 month hiatus and that this is going to be difficult, but it WILL get better! I loosened up a bit and finished my run. Got back to work, showered and changed and started to feel better. The endorphins from the run helped to calm my nerves, but I'm not going to lie, I'm still kinda shaken up by that run. It was not pretty and left its mark.

As I eluded to earlier, I have two major races coming up in the next few months. I have the Snoqualmie Valley Half Marathon in June

and then I have the Dumbo Double Dare in August. So I really need to keep my training steady and focused. Especially since I just registered for a BIG event in January yesterday. The WDW Marathon weekend in January is the next big running event for me and will require lots of training and dedication from me considering I will be doing a lot of my training during the time of year where there will be lots of inclement weather here. What did I register for? Nope...not going to tell you just yet. I'll wait until next week to share the news. It's exciting and I can't wait to share it with you!

That's it for me today. Hope you all are having a great week and have some great plans for this weekend! Happy Easter!


  1. We got this!!! I have a 12k next Saturday, not sure what I was thinking!!

    1. Wow! You're brave! Good luck sweetie, just remember to listen to your body and don't push it too hard!

  2. What a tease! ;) I want to know what you registered for during WDW marathon weekend! I'm jealous that you're doing Dumbo again this year- rumors have it that the 10k is Stitch themed. :)

    1. MWAHAHAHHA...I'm evil right? Well all will be revealed soon.

      Are you not doing Disneyland Half weekend this year? :( I have heard rumors that the 10k is Stitch themed, though I would have preferred that they kept it Alice in Wonderland themed, that was SO much fun!

    2. No Disneyland Half this year. :( My living situation is going to be up in the air right around Labor Day, so I didn't want to commit to anything. But I will be at marathon weekend in 2015. Which race? I'll tell you tomorrow. ;)

      Oh, and happy early birthday! :)