Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bumpdate: 38 Weeks

38, I saw this week as a far off goal. I always felt like there was plenty of time to get stuff taken care of and organized. No need to rush and stress about putting the nursery together. It will all get taken care of in time for the babies arrival. Right?

Fast forward to now and holy cow...we aren't ready. The crib is still in pieces and not put together yet. We don't have a changing table (though I have found one through a friend and just need to pick it up) or a changing pad to put on it. I have gotten all the clothes cleaned, so at least he has something to wear, but I need to wash all the cloth diapers to be ready for him.

I have started to pack our extra freezer with meals for us for when the baby is born so we don't have to think about breakfasts, snacks and dinners when the baby arrives. And side note, I want to thank my hubby for encouraging me to get the chest freezer that we have in our home right now. It was something I had toyed with in order to maximize our freezer space for when the baby comes since all we have is a tiny freezer attached to our fridge. This chest freezer has given us the ability to stock pile meals and have room to (hopefully) hold extra breastmilk that I pump. A good investment indeed and I'm so glad we took the leap to get one!

There are still so many odds and ends that we need to pick up and organize for the babies arrival that it is making my head spin! I've been consumed lately with helping my sister out with her new baby that I'm not getting my stuff done. What can I say, I can't help myself, I know she needs help and I'm going to give it to her. Besides, I have the most adorable niece who gives the best snuggles, how can I not want to help? :)  But soon it will be my turn and I will have the little bundle that needs my full and constant attention and help. How is it that I'm only a week and a half away from my due date? ::gasp::

Some updates about the baby and how I'm doing.

- The hospital bags are packed and ready to go. Why? Because on Sunday the baby was moving so much and I was having pressure in my pelvic area that I was almost certain we would be going to the hospital soon! Well on Monday during my ultrasound the tech advised me that he was breech. The little punk turned himself around, that's what I was feeling on Sunday. So now I'm TOTALLY stressed about getting him facing the right direction again for delivery. Thanks kid.

- I'm starting to lose feeling in my middle and ring finger tips on my right hand. The doctor attributes it to carpel tunnel issues women frequently get during the end of their pregnancy. It's a scary feeling though when I wake up several times a night because my hand is completely asleep and the loss of feeling in my finger tips is slowly spreading. I pray that this goes away once the baby is born!

- The swelling in my feet and ankles is getting better! Especially since I've been more diligent about wearing my compression socks! It was pretty scary there for a bit, I'm not gonna lie. I seriously thought I was looking at someone else's legs! Another part of that is I've been really concentrating on my hydration needs and drinking plenty of water. Man am I going to be happy when I have enough room in my belly for my bladder, I won't have to go pee every 20 minutes!

- I've been extremely blessed during my pregnancy to not have heartburn. I have remarked several times that hot sauce is like a food group to me and that I carry a bottle in my purse. That has not changed even into this late stage of my pregnancy. So I am feeling very lucky that I have not had to experience the unpleasantness of heartburn. ::knocking on wood::

- My NST tests have continued to be great with lots of movement by the baby and passing with flying colors. My ultrasounds have shown that I have PLENTY of fluid and that the kiddo has a decent sized swimming pool in there. Probably part of the reason why he turned so easily on me.

- My sugars are fantastic. Like super low in the mornings, which is my trouble time, and lower than normal during the other times of the day when I'm testing too. So that is more good news on the GD front!

Speaking of GD, because I'm a medicated diabetic there are restrictions I've had imposed on me for delivery. The doctor has advised that she will let me go full term and if my tests keep coming back as good as they have been, she can buy me a few extra days. But she has told me that waiting to 41 or 42 weeks is out of the question, they will not allow me to go that long. So that means I will be having the baby this month for sure, whether he comes naturally or the doctor induces me. I'm hoping that he decides to come naturally before they have the ability to induce, that would be my preference. 

That is it for now, just trying to get the last items taken care of so we can be prepared for this baby boy's entrance into the world. I can't believe it's almost here. That in about two weeks I'll be holding my baby. ::shaking head:: It's just so crazy to think about, I can't even believe it myself. Wish me luck in getting the last of our tasks done in time and that this baby cooperates and spins back around to head down!


  1. Wow, 38 weeks already? Where has the time gone? I can't believe it's almost time to meet your little Mickey! I hope that the last couple days go smoothly. You and your hubby need to go out for one last dinner as just the two of you to celebrate the new family you will have! Keep us posted girl!

    1. It's so crazy, right? Almost time for the little one's appearance! Good idea about doing a date night with the hubby, might just have to do that this weekend. I will definitely keep you posted. Some exciting stuff!

  2. Thinkin bout you Lena! You still hanging in there?!?!? You are so close!!!!!!

  3. Rest while you can Lena! You are going to need all of your energy soon! You really do not need most of the nursery room stuff for at least a month. So cut yourself some slack and kick back before the main event gets underway!