Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bumpdate: 30 weeks

This week marks 30 weeks into the pregnancy, only 10 more weeks to go.

Wait...did I just type that out? Only 10 more weeks until the lil pumpkin is out of me and introduced to the world! Oh boy...panic is starting to set in now. Am I ready? Is anyone ever really ready though? Probably not, but it's coming whether I'm ready or not!

Had my checkup on Monday with the doctor. All my vitals look great, my urine sample was clean and the doctor was pleased with my progress. The babies heart rate was strong and steady and the baby bump measured right on target, she actually used the word "perfect", I asked her to write that down so I could give that to the hubby to prove I wasn't the only one who thought that, but he would have said I forged the note. Oh well.

I have a meeting with the diabetic counselor on Friday to check my numbers and progress and decide if my meds need to be adjusted and when the next time we should meet. Currently I'm on a schedule of coming in every three weeks, yeah, that's how well I'm managing my GD, so well they hardly need to see me at all. I've actually had some scary low numbers that I need to discuss with them, including last night when I did my 2 hour test after dinner and had a BG number of 50! My lowest number EVER. I was not feeling good last night and had to pump some fast acting glucose/sugar into my body to get my BG back up into a safer range. I checked it again before I went to bed and I was up around 119, so I felt better about sleeping than I did earlier with it being so low. A really low number can be very dangerous for you and the baby, so the hubby and I were watching my BG closely last night to make sure I was alright.

It's so bizarre to see "30 weeks" written or typed out. I don't really feel like it has been that long, but on the other hand, it feels like it has been longer. I remember being 18 weeks pregnant and running all the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend races and still feeling like nothing is different. Sure my stamina took a big hit, but I never felt like I couldn't do something. Though in the back of my mind I remembered that there may be a point where I might not be able to do things before the pregnancy is up.

Well...that time is starting to come. I'm pretty sure my running time is now on pause until after the pumpkin is born and I'm done with post delivery recovery. I went for my normal run on Saturday and the most I could muster up was a brisk walk. Whenever I would get my body going to run it just wouldn't cooperate and I was uncomfortable. It could have been just that day, because since then I've felt great enough to run a couple of times, so we'll see this weekend when I try again. I'm not going to push it though or get down on myself if it doesn't happen. It's hard enough to grow a human already, putting more undue stress on the body will just tax me even more.

Part of me mourns the fact that I can't run the way I want to right now. I miss that time to process thoughts and analyze what is going on in my head. It's not the same when I go for a walk, there is just something about running that changes things. I don't know. I'm also seeing the physical side of my decline in running. My legs aren't as muscular looking as they used to be, I'm starting to get "soft" in areas that didn't used to be that way. if it isn't hard enough to feel like your body isn't your own, I now can't exercise the way I used to in order to help mitigate the physical changes I'm seeing with the weight I've been gaining from the pregnancy.

Blah...Debbie Downer today, right? Sorry.

Despite my struggles and issues I've been facing, everything seems to be going well. The pumpkin is moving ALL THE TIME now and it's so crazy. Total alien belly movements. My sister and I were comparing baby belly movements last night. Her Bean had the hiccups, so it was fun feeling her belly bounce every few seconds from the baby hiccuping. The pumpkin was just practicing its ninja skills in my belly. The kicks and punches are starting to get stronger and more pronounced now, they sometimes take me by surprise! Regardless, he's one active boy and I have a feeling I'll be spending a lot of my time trying to keep up with him, I wonder if he'll be a runner. Hhhmmm...

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  1. I am still in awe that you ran a 5k, 10k AND half marathon at 18 weeks pregnant! I'm sorry that you're not able to run like you used to- you're growing a person and that's an amazing thing! I know you'll have your chance to get back to training and you'll hit the ground running. Literally. :)