Thursday, August 21, 2014

Disneyland Half Countdown: 7 days! time flies. I swear it feels like it was just two months out from the race just yesterday. Where does the time go? I feel like the weeks have been a blur of worry, anticipation, excitement, concern, focus and lots of hard work. It may not be reflected in the mileage that I've accumulated over the past couple of months, but the proof is in my ability to simply get up and down from a seated position. Not all progress can be easily measured.

I was worried about my training and the ability to get my body healthy by race weekend. Now we are one week out and I still have some concern about my body being able to handle the rigors of this race weekend, but nowhere near the concerns I had even a month ago. I can't even begin to express how happy I am that I decided to go into physical therapy for my hip issues. I am so incredibly thankful for my therapist and the work that we have been doing over the past month. Her attention to my problem areas and exercises I have been doing have literally changed my life. It really is amazing.

The strength and stability I am gaining is giving me confidence to attack the coming race weekend with peace of mind. As I have said before, I am not going into these races expecting to run the whole time or get even get a decent time, let alone a PR! I am going to simply enjoy the experience and run in one of my favorite places on Earth. Oh...and to take home these beauties!! (except for the kids race one, though I love the lanyard!!)

I'm also hoping the weather report holds out too! It's projecting to be 85 degrees during race weekend with humidity in the high 40's/low 50's, which is light years away from the horrid weather we experienced last year! So keeping my fingers crossed that the weather stays in that general holding pattern because that is certainly easier to deal with this time around!

::shaking my head:: I'm still pinching myself. I can't believe it's only a week away. I'm so excited, but also sad too because I'll be leaving the hubby and kiddo behind at home for the weekend. I know I will miss having them with me each day that I'm in CA and I can't wait until the kiddo is a bit older and we can take him to Disneyland to experience the fun and fantasy that is uniquely Disney! 

So here we go, 7 more days until I'm at Disneyland which means I still have one more longer run this weekend and a couple of short runs to keep me loose until race day. I'm so excited to see the runDisney family again and bummed that some of my BRF's will not be there this year. That's okay, we're all meeting up again in January for the Marathon.

Wait...I have to start training for a marathon after this? Oh that's for another post at another time. Until then, lets have some Dumbo fun!


  1. WOOT! I'm so excited for you Lena! I swear, it seems like just yesterday that you did Dumbo, it's been a YEAR?!?!? That's crazy. Have fun, post tons of pics, I'll be following and wishing I was there! Someday I'll get out to CA!

  2. AWESOME! You're going to have a great race. I have my fingers crossed for lower humidity, too! Hope to see you in CA! :)